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6 real examples how Next Generation apps meet modern business needs

Modern businesses require apps that are able to adapt to changing requirements, scale to meet customer (or staff) needs. And that can support multiple platforms without the need for constant input from specialist developers or IT departments. Next Generation Apps have been tried and tested by many of Rakuten DX clients. See the practical examples and why they have become a ‘must have’ in today’s enterprise environment.

Benefits of Next Gen Apps

Using the Next Gen proposition, organizations can:
– Reduce time-to-market when reacting to changes in staff or customer needs.
– Reduce complexity by developing a scalable, cross-platform app ecosystem.
– Reduce costs by moving away from project-based, cyclical, app refreshes.
– Enable non-technical staff, such as marketers, to manage day-to-day updates. And also add content, and adjust app configuration.

„ The analytics feature plays a significant part in their app day-to-day management and optimization.”

Why Next Gen Apps – useful features in practice
1. Analytics and push notifications

Analytics integration enables app administrators identify the most popular publications and content and reveal which areas of their app receive the most clicks. This way it is simple to optimize the app and the content to increase the audience appeal. The Adecco Group is a world leader in human resources solutions. Since 2016 they have been strengthening their sales teams work and productivity thanks to their own sales enablement app called Adecco Essentiel. And the analytics feature plays a significant part in their app day-to-day management and optimization. The app administrators use it on regular basis to see how many sales reps have actually connected to the tool, when they did it and what device and app version they used.

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2. Elasticsearch

Elasticsearch is a search engine created to solve big data issues. It’s been designed to be able to perform natural language search and analytics on a very wide range and volume of documents. This feature has been added to a portfolio of other functionalities and is currently used by a well-known French music, rock, culture and underground magazine – Les Inrockuptibles.

When they relaunched their digital magazine app with a new refreshed look and feel they decided to take advantage of this innovative search option. Their readers were offered a possibility to browse each magazine, not only by articles, titles but also seeking for very detailed words and mentions. For example, they were able to easily find all the articles about Bob Dylan since the first edition of LesInrock. With the results displayed with an easy to read and scrolls preview allowing to quickly check relevancy.

3. Language switch

Language switch feature enables international brands to easily communicate with users in various geographical locations, in their own local language simply from one application. By creating various store fronts (content holders) inside one single app, administrators can add localized content to each of these sections of their app and serve it separately to different language speakers. They can easily use the same documents (but translated) for each language audience or they can offer different content depending on country culture, needs etc. From the user perspective, they can view what’s included in one language or swap to other versions by one simple click on a language button.

The German Continental Corporation, one of the world’s biggest automotive suppliers, used the language switch for their digital magazine. They publish it twice a year and it focuses on the future of mobility and covers topics such as: people behind the automated driving, opportunities, cultural differences and ethical considerations associated with driverless machines. To optimize their content creation worldwide they created a free eMag initially in German only. But benefitting from an easy to use language switch feature they developed the English and Chinese version too.

4. User management API

User management API is designed to provide access to customers’ users database and to the content to the selected users (those present on the Rakuten DX database (Cloud Connect), or indirectly those present on the app administrator’s database when using the SAML connection or an external database). Without any need of developers’ time, using API, businesses can develop a functionality allowing them to alter users access by tweaking their database content only. A handy feature when it comes to management of users of the app, creation and deletion of accounts for new arrivals or those leaving the company.

De Matteis Agroalimentare is the biggest pasta factory in the Campania Region in the south of Italy and is among the top 5 Italian pasta manufacturers. They provide a very wide range of products with more than 130 different pasta shapes. One of their main challenges was creating more engagement with a community of Italian farmers and wheat collectors joining their vast supply chain, making them feel as a big family and sharing with them all the relevant information including technical updates and commercial news about the project.
With a highly flexible and scalable Next Gen technology they created a private, iOS and Android app with interactive content for their supply chain partners. Thanks to user management feature the app is exclusively available for companies joining the Armando community (one of their own brands with 100% Italian high-quality pasta) and can be accessed via a secure link only.

5. SAML connection

SAML 2.0 (Security Assertion Markup Language 2.0) is a norm for logging users into applications (with a familiar example being “Continue with Facebook” feature often seen on various websites.) In the enterprise context, from the end user point of view, it’s very powerful as it facilitates access especially when employees access on a daily basis multiple apps and platforms. SAML 2.0 helps them to identify themselves with the same information as already done previously for e.g. intranet.
The Adecco group decided to make logging in to their sales enablement app super easy. They knew that their sales reps use many other tools and are always on the go. That’s why they have added the SAML connection 2.0 feature to help logging in to numerous cloud apps using simply one username and password. And this way they strengthen security of their confidential content inside the app too. With SAML connection, their ‘sales weapon’ app can be available on app stores but accessible only to the chosen employees.

6. Real-time app changes

Real time changes feature is designed to make the apps modification fast and agile – forget about waiting for a developer to make coding amends or app store to accept your new creation. With Next Gen app pre-defined banners templates, all customizations are done in real time, with a few clicks and then automatically saved and applied to all platforms. Handy features for those needing to make changes based on seasons, promotional periods, company campaigns etc.
Bayard Presse is one of the oldest press and publishing companies of France. They specialize in children’s books publications and they were the first Rakuten DX’ client adopting the innovation technology of Next Gen apps. To show interactivity of their books and present them beautifully on iPads, iPhones, they created a children’s book app J’aime Lire Store with an access to a bookstore full of stories all kids dream to read!
And they took advantage of real-time app home page changes to put a spotlight on seasonal reads and events e.g. Christmas tales, summer stories etc. Fast, zero programming and a great way to drive sales of relevant stories!

A partner to help you deliver Next Generation Apps

Rakuten DX works with some of the world’s leading brands to deliver apps for both customers and staff. Our best-in-class tools allow organizations of every size to rapidly develop container apps. They can be updated dynamically without the need for further iOS or Android appstore approval. And we’re proud to be able to deliver apps behind the Great Wall of China too – our clients such as Stago and Continental already took advantage of accessing this powerful market via a mobile app.

Get in touch with our experts today to start benefitting from this powerful technology or discover our article about Design Thinking !