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We’re ready to give your business the DX factor

The best of both worlds: It’s an expression that’s thrown around fairly liberally but there are times when you find a combination that really looks like it can unlock something special.

That’s where we are with the launch of Rakuten DX. We’re lucky to have the global reach and deep sector experience of the Rakuten ecosystem but when you ally that to the entrepreneurial spirit and agility of a start-up, the possibilities really are endless. And that’s what we have in front of us – possibilities. And a huge amount of them are digital. A total of 500 million over the next three years, to be precise. That is how many new applications will be created as companies seek to grow and nurture their businesses through digital platforms.

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„We are a digital experience service with fourteen years of creating best-in-class premium apps.”

– Olivier Alluis, CEO, Rakuten DX

This is Rakuten DX’s raison d’être. Bringing together the two worlds of Rakuten and Montpellier-based start-up Aquafadas, we are a digital experience service with fourteen years’ of creating best-in-class premium apps across a whole range of sectors behind us. We believe our collective skills and expertise can support businesses on every step of their digital transformation journey.

Our objective is simple: we want to help businesses turn their challenges and ideas into solutions. Technology is an important component, but technology alone is not the answer – it must be powered by human innovation and talent and this is where our combined expertise and experience comes to the fore.

With more than 70 different services and businesses, Rakuten brings specialist sector expertise and experience from the worlds of sport and entertainment, media, telco and corporate – all powered by passion and underpinned by a proven track record of success. Add to this the mindset, speed and hunger of a start-up and you’re on the front of the grid for the digital transformation journey ahead.

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At the heart of our approach is creativity – this is what powers the digital experiences that will stand out from the crowd. When you strip it down, our role is to be creative problem solvers – whether your business is just starting out or hitting an unexpected roadblock along the way. And in the COVID-19 era the only certainty is uncertainty.

The pandemic presents both an opportunity and a threat – it clearly highlights the need for all companies to have a digital solution and plan for future pandemics; the ones that are prepared will prosper, the others will not. But at the same time the economic impact means that not all companies have the financial resources to go digital so it’s important that we offer cost-effective solutions. Even those businesses with digital budgets need rapid ROI so we have to help them monetise at pace and that’s something we believe we’re well placed to do with billions of users across E-commerce, finance, sport and entertainment.

As we head towards the close of this remarkable year, digital disruption continues to rip up the rule book and being connected has never been more important. With the role of digital only set to accelerate, it promises to be a transformative journey ahead. Hold on tight!

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