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November 10, 2020
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November 10, 2020

Seize the best tools to address your clients’ mobile shift

Access the best tools to help businesses address the mobile shift.

In these uncertain times, opportunities are proving to be few and far between. However, one thing that continues to be in demand is good quality content. Digital content consumption from mobile apps and devices has significantly increased in 2020. This is hardly surprising when research from March this year revealed that U.S consumers spent around 215% more time online on their mobile devices compared to March 2019. Closely followed by Italy (180%), Thailand (125%) and Japan (78%).For businesses that regularly publish content, this meteoric shift in mobile usage is putting pressure on them to quickly adapt their approach to suit this platform or run the risk of getting left behind.

Addressing the mobile shift

Reaching a mobile audience is now a requirement for projects in various fields – from customer engagement and employee enablement to events and brand marketing. At Rakuten DX, we’ve developed solutions that help content-centric organizations seamlessly make this necessary digital transformation. Our low code premium mobile application creation platform, content enrichment tools, AI-based automation engine and consultancy services enable businesses to meet growing consumer needs and achieve optimum results when they publish content.

One of the biggest benefits of our services is the application feature. Instead of spending a considerable amount of time and money to develop a native app to publish their content on, businesses can create one within weeks using drag and drop tools. This low code platform is designed to provide a quick time-to-market and cost-effective alternative to a standard coding approach. It brings a rich authoring tool, in-design plugin and artificial intelligence to the process of content creation.

„With our initial background in digital publishing, we’ve paid close attention to the user experience.”

– Stéphane Moulin

How Rakuten DX helps its partners digitally transform businesses


We give our partners the tools and plugins to make their clients’ content automated, enriched with interactive features and mobile responsive.


Our partners can easily make creative native apps (iOS or Android) or PWAs in less than 1-2 weeks with our Drag & Drop tools.

Professional services

We support our partners to build top-class consultancy and delivery capabilities for mobile and web application projects.

digital experience with mobile applicationq

The Channel Manager at Rakuten DX, Stéphane Moulin, said: “For over a decade, our approach at Rakuten DX has always been centered around the development of resources where it delivers the highest value for customers. With our initial background in digital publishing, we’ve paid close attention to the user experience, content quality and application design to enable customers to deliver mobile applications aimed at a specific channel and a certain audience.”

However, for businesses to utilize these innovative services, collaboration is required. This is where the Rakuten DX partner program opportunity comes in.

What to expect from our partner program

The Rakuten DX partner program is designed to help resellers and their clients move forward together. Every new partner receives all the necessary technology and support to build an industry-leading mobile application creation offering. It’s a chance for resellers to boost their revenue, improve their relationship with existing customers and attract new ones too.

While for customers, they get the benefit of generating more income, boosting application usage and seeing a quick return on investment. It’s a win-win situation for both parties.

However, it isn’t just the technology and chance to turn a profit which attracts resellers to our partner program. It’s the opportunity of being a part of a wider network and having the added support to succeed as well.

With most partner programs, trying to expand a solution scope while complementing an existing portfolio requires a big investment of time and money before bearing fruit. But with our expertise, technology and partnership approach, we can provide channel partners with a specific high-value approach and competitive advantage to successfully extend their business.

Stéphane Moulin said: “We see partnerships as a close relationship. We work with our channel partners so they can develop their business by providing premium mobile application solutions to their customers. We engage with our partners to collaboratively build their capability in these fields, on their terms, with a joined commitment to move forward together. Our objective is to support and share the competitive advantages provided by our technologies and expertise to help resellers succeed.”

Ambitious resellers who invest in our partner program also enter the whole Rakuten Group Ecosystem and can benefit from the innovation and exposure of a global group. It allows partners to exchange use cases and best practices with other partners and learn how to boost revenue via our highly effective sales and marketing programs. Plus, with the Rakuten Ecosystem always evolving, resellers invested in the Rakuten partner program will have access to new services opportunities as they develop too. It’s an ideal way to win and create sustainable success together during these uncertain times.

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