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Digital success is a matter of content & user experience only if you put the right business intelligence processes in place. To make sure your digital strategies are efficient, you need to track, monitor and analyse your app & content performances at all times. Our Analytics offer will ensure you have the right dashboards and expertise to measure and adapt every aspect of the digital experience you aim at providing, enabling ongoing ROI & key performance indicators optimisation.



Measure ROI on the go


Boost marketing effectiveness with business intelligence


Define, track & compare your KPIs


Drive performance with Key Goals Indicators

High-end, bespoke dashboards to optimize app & content experience.

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Moving forward with Analytics

Rakuten Dashboard Analytics

Answers all standard needs

Little to no setup for reports

Automatically collects relevant data

User interface still customizable

DOMO dashboard

Fully customizable dashboards

Built-in reports

Data-storytelling at its best

Pre-set, pushed reports via email

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