Privacy Policy

We attach utmost importance to the privacy of your information and the data we may have received. Rakuten Aquafadas aims to offer its users optimum use of the services we provide, with the greatest respect for their private life.
Therefore, if we access certain personal information of our services’ users, this will be with the sole aim of improving their user experience. We will always follow the principle of proportionality, which involves accessing information that is limited and necessary for the use of our services.
This privacy policy has the principal objective of informing you about:
– the personal data that we may collect;
– what we can use this information for;
– and the entirety of the rights you have on this subject.
What data do we collect?

We collect two kinds of data: (1) the data that you provide us and (2) the data that are automatically collected when using our services.

(1) The data that you provide us: So that you might use Rakuten Aquafadas services in the best possible way, you are invited to provide us certain information.

– We collect your identification data in this way when you wish to access our services (create an account, subscribe to our newsletter, sign up to a webinar, etc.). As far as possible, this identification data will only be your professional data. You will be asked to provide us your surname, first name, email address, telephone number, bank details;

– So that we can adapt our services to your needs and give you the best recommendations, we may also collect information related to your company, such as its field of activity, its size, etc.

– Lastly, depending on the services you use, we might collect other data such as your IP address, your FTP data, your Box access, LRS or information from your Apple, Google and/or Amazon accounts.

(2) The data that we collect automatically: In order to guarantee that our application creation services function properly and that we are able to constantly improve or assess them, we may also collect other information pertaining to you. In this case, this information is collected automatically when you use our various services (in contrast with the data you provide us with, you do not have to specifically give this information.

– We may have access to data related to account creation dates, bugs and anomalies, statistics or even data related to user history and activity (download history, browsing history, use of bookmarks and notes);

– We also collect data on the hardware you might use, such as your devices (mobile telephone, tablet, and so on) or your operating system (iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, etc.) in order to link them to your account.

We will always endeavour to only collect data that help to use and improve our services. We have no intention to and will take constant care not to collect data that would be unnecessary for these objectives, especially prohibited data. As a result, we will never collect information related to background, religion, sexual orientation, political opinion, state of health, etc.

Can third parties access any of the data we collect?

We make sure that your data cannot be accessed by third parties other than the Rakuten Aquafadas teams.

Nevertheless, it may happen that some of your data are integrated into third-party services, again in the aim of optimising the services we provide. As a matter of fact, the Rakuten Aquafadas teams use tools that allow them to best manage their activities, such as CRM or management software. Some of your data may therefore be integrated into these CRM and management software used by Rakuten Aquafadas, such as Salesforce (

In the event of this, we ensure that these third-party software and services are also perfectly compliant with French and European regulations on personal data, such as the French Data Protection Act of 6 January 1978 and the European “GDPR” General Data Protection Regulation of 27 April 2016.

All precautions that we put in place to protect and safeguard your data are therefore also implemented by the third-party software and services that we use.

Do we sell/hire the data that we collect to third parties?

Rakuten Aquafadas does not sell or hire the data in its possession.

What are your rights on the data we collect?

Even if you gave us your permission to collect the data that will be used for our services, you are always able to:

– Access the data pertaining to you;

– Modify this data at any time;

– Change your mind and choose to no longer give some of your information;

– Oppose the processing of your personal data.

Nonetheless, please note that these various actions could impact the proper use of the services we offer, which may no longer function in an optimal way.

How do we use the data we collect?

The data we collect allow us to simultaneously:

– Make our various services available to you;

– Improve our products and develop new ones, by knowing your usage habits and understanding how our technology is used;

– Tell you about our services and products through our newsletters, emails or personalised calls;

– Adapt our services constantly depending on their use, notably by increasing our servers’ capacity or our teams’ responsiveness.

In all cases, we will not use your data for any use unrelated to the services we provide.

What is our policy on collecting the data of minors?

Rakuten Aquafadas services and products are only targeted at professionals. Subsequently, we do not allow minors to use our services.

What solutions do we have to protect and secure the data we collect?

We implement every technical solution in our possession to ensure the security of the data we collect.

The servers used by Rakuten Aquafadas are made secure by access rights management (ACL) and encryption during each transfer.

The third-party service providers we may use also implement the most reliable security measures.

How long do we keep the data that we collect?

We keep the data that we have collected in order to offer you better services. As a result, as long as you use our services and products, your information will remain accessible to our teams. We may also save your data even after you no longer use our services and products in order to allow you to continue to purchase content from Rakuten Aquafadas.

In any case, we will never save your information for longer than required by regulation or if you wish to delete your account or certain specific information still in our possession (except if regulation obliged us to keep certain information despite the request to delete it).

How can you access and check the information we have collected?

If you wish to exercise your right to information, to access, amend, oppose or delete the data about you that we have collected, you can contact the Rakuten Aquafadas company in the following way:

– By electronic mail:

– By post:

Rakuten Aquafadas

1025 rue Henri Becquerel

Parc Club Millenaire, Batiment 3

34000 Montpellier

For each of your requests, you will have to be able to prove your exact and verifiable identity (mainly by providing us with a copy of your identity card, passport or other means that would allow us to confirm your identity). Please note that we will not be able to grant your request if you cannot prove your exact and verifiable identity. This is to prevent information in our possession being communicated to the wrong people.

For any complaints, you can contact the CNIL (French Data Protection Authority), whose contact details can be found online at

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Changes to this Privacy Policy

The most up-to-date version of this Privacy Policy governs the use of your information by Rakuten Aquafadas and will always be accessible on our various Internet sites.

We reserve the right to change it at any time in order to develop, update or improve it.

Tuesday 29 October 2018